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Make a bold statement with the Jacuzzi Morphosis Alpha bathtub.
Customize Your Bathroom

(NewsUSA) - Today, bathrooms are just as much about style as the rest of the house. It should also be a place that expresses your individuality and sense of style for increased comfort and enjoyment.

Start small and coordinate smaller items or buy one luxury item that showcases your personal style. Depending upon your budget and creativity, you can easily impact the look and feel of your bathroom in one or two simple steps.

Unique faucetry: An inexpensive place to incorporate your signature style is through faucetry. Upgrading your sink and tub faucets is an easy way to add drama. Faucets provide the exclamation point for the bathroom with styles ranging from traditional classic designs to contemporary high-arc spouts that really make a statement. Unlike traditional faucets with a small round nozzle, today's choices allow water to cascade into your sink and tub for a luxurious accent.

Single focal point: When too many objects compete for attention in a room, the design can become confused. Select one strong element as the room's focal point and arrange the rest of your bathroom, including lighting, to enhance its best advantage. Don't be afraid to make a bold statement about your personality. For example, the Jacuzzi Morphosis tub will convey your love of European design. Its graceful arch and chromatherapy lighting create the perfect centerpiece for a room.

Artwork: Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in the house and can easily be personalized with artwork and color. When selecting artwork for your walls, keep in mind the room's color scheme. Select artwork that you will enjoy every day, especially while lingering in a nice bath. Frame pieces well to protect them against the light, water and steam present every day in a bathroom.

When it comes to customizing your bathroom, follow your design instinct rather than the current decorating trend. Incorporate elements that suit your personality and your bathroom will serve as a comfortable place that reflects who you are.
For more information about which bath products best suit your style, visit www.jacuzzi.com.
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