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What Color Has To Do With Home Decorating
by Adam O'Connor

If the color of your walls is one of the 5 things you hate about your room, it is time for a change! Whether decorating a cozy den, an elegant kitchen or bathroom, a romantic bedroom or a fun kid's room, wallpaper or paint must all be the same...mdash;that is, it must be color coordinated, peaceful and aesthetically appealing. While some might entertain the idea of flaming red wallpaper, nobody wants to actually live in such a chaotic color scheme. (Unless you're revisiting Disco?) Wallpaper or paint must be chosen carefully.


Light colors are usually the most preferred by home decorators. Lights colors, no matter the actual hue, are considered peaceful and elegant and seem to bring out the best in tenants. Some houses have darker shades however, like oak or sand colored. Dark colored Victorian houses are a popular trend. The most important factor is that a theme is followed, with colors carefully complementing the rest of the room and house.


Borders can be painted a different color from the rest of the room and furnishings and yet still appear tasteful and matched. Painting borders might be a consideration for a home decorator that doesn't want to paint the entire room, due to a lack of time or finances. Though borders can be painted different colors, they should be carefully chosen to match the color of the wallpaper or paint.

Wallpapering Or Painting?

Some homeowners overlay their walls with high quality wallpaper, while others simply paint the wall a preferred color. No matter which you choose, the color should complement the rest of the room. Some home decorators however have been known to experiment with this practice, by painting one wall a certain color to highlight furnishings or even repainting geometric shapes over a white a wall.

Color makes or breaks home decoration.
A room could be stylish and elegant, yet feature a terrible color and thus totally fail to impress. Because of the complexity of colors, many homeowners will enlist the help of an interior decorator. Consulting an interior decorator...mdash;whether professionally, through a brief consultation, or just as a friend--is always a good idea. In addition, if you are undertaking a home remodel, it is bes to get financial advice on remodeling your home before you start, to make sure you have a proper plan to complete it.

Article By Adam O'Connor, Home Decorating Tips

Adam O'Connor may be contacted at alen@althema.net. Click here to view more of their articles.
Michelle and Adam are popular Advice Columnists located on the sunny West Coast. Michelle specializes in Family, Children and Woman's issues, while Adam specializes in Technology, Travel and Home repair.

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A Color Scheme

Not only must the wall color be chosen carefully according to design and taste, it must also match the overall scheme of the room. It must match or in some way complement, the fabrics, carpeting and furniture. While the room should not feature a monochromatic color, it does need to match according to common home decorating standards.