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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home "Lighter and Brighter"
by Adam O'Connor

Colors Effect Your Mood
It is often said that the colors of the rooms in one's home reflects the kind of person one is. If one is an adventurous type, perhaps light blue reflects the color of the sky for those who like to sky dive. Or if one is uptight, red or some such color. But, it is quite possible that not only does the way we decorate our homes reflect who we are, but the shades and tones of hue within our walls also does the exact opposite. Instead of reflecting our moods, they may help cause them. Reddish tints can make people nervous and agitated. Yellow make many people pensive and introverted. And there are many other forms of this where colors in our homes effect one's mood.

How to Make Your Home Lighter

Though colors affect one's mood, so does sunlight. Bringing a little more rays of sunshine in a house can help lighten up any house. Here are some tips to making your house lighter.

1.) Open the shades. Many people are afraid of exposing themselves to the outside, but with a little bravery nothing does better than opening those blinds.

2.) Use natural light as much as possible. Don't rely on artificial light as much. Try to allow the sun to serve as most of your available light inside.

3.) If you do use artificial lights, try not to use florescent. Florescent light, although very bright, has a dull glow to it that is piercing and doesn't possess that glow other lights have. At night, use lamps not overhead lights. Lamps offer a warm glow, not an overpowering glare.

Try a freestanding electric fireplace. They can be moved from room to room, can offer both light and heat, and the mantel serves as a great location to place candles on.

5.) Do not be shy with mirrors. Mirrors carry light more throughout a room. Mirrors reflect light and make a great backdrop for lit candles atop a corner fireplace mantel.

How to Make Your Home Brighter
The color that the walls, furniture and other household items have can seriously alter the brightness of a house.

6.)Try lighter colors for the walls. White is fine, but this is too transparent. Try an off white, a light blue or some other 'cheery' color.

7.) Try to tone down on furniture that have too intricate of patterns on them. Simple patchwork, dots and the like have a lighter feel than say more intricate designs that are too busy.

8.) Keep the arrangement simple. When arranging the furniture and other living items, keep everything spread out and symmetric. Nothing dampens a mood like clutter.

9.) Make sure artwork is of a non-serious nature. Always choose a Monet-like painting over a Van Gogh-ish type. And,

10.) Relax. An optimistic, calm atmosphere brightens most households.

Article By Adam O'Connor, Running Springs Real Estate

Adam O'Connor may be contacted at alen@althema.net. Click here to view more of their articles.
Michelle and Adam are popular Advice Columnists located on the sunny West Coast. Michelle specializes in Family, Children and Woman's issues, while Adam specializes in Technology, Travel and Home repair.

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