You love the way wallpaper looks, but you know you can't handle those huge strips of paste covered paper. Besides, if you decide you don't want to keep the wallpaper once you put it up, it is so time consuming and messy to remove. So, do you just settle for painting the walls a solid color? Before you decide to give up on your dream for beautifully patterned walls, you may want to take a look at pattern paint rollers.

The Rollerwall Design Painting and Decorating System allows you to create the look of wallpaper patterns with your desired paint color and the patterned roller. If the pattern doesn't look right, you can wipe it off before the paint dries. When you decide you are tired of that pattern, you can just paint over the walls with a fresh coat of paint and create a whole new effect with a different patterned roller and paint color.

If you've used stencils or standard patterned rollers before, you're probably thinking that there is no way the job is that easy. What about those globs of unevenly applied paint that make the pattern blurry? However, the Rollerwall products are designed to keep the paint from being too thick or thin. A traditional roller cover is rolled in the paint. Then the patterned roller is snapped in front of the paint filled roller. As you roll the wall, the paint filled roller applies paint to the patterned roller in an even, blotch free layer, which is transferred to the wall's surface.

Another thing you may be wondering is whether matching up the pattern is as hard as matching patterns along wallpaper seams. It actually is easier, because the wallpaper is so awkward to move into place when it is such a long, sticky strip. The Rollerwall roller is designed so that you can match the new strip of paint with the previous one by using a special guide on the roller. All you need to do is make sure that your first pass with the roller goes straight up and down so that the next strip can line up easily.

Do you dread using wallpaper to decorate a room? It looks great but can be such a pain to remove once it's up. You have another option - patterned painting rollers. These give you the design you want without the headache of paper and paint.
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There are quite a few different patterned paint rollers available, with patterns ranging from simple geometric designs to ivy vines. Some of them are better suited to creating borders, while others are perfect for painting entire rooms. People also use these rollers to make interesting designs on large pieces of furniture, such as armoires or bed headboards.
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