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Try a Raised Patio for a Lift in Your Backyard

(NewsUSA) - Are you tired of wood deck maintenance? If so, you may want to consider replacing your deck with a raised concrete patio using segmental retaining walls and concrete pavers.

It's not surprising that the addition of raised patios in the backyard is the latest trend. Raised patios using segmental concrete retaining walls and interlocking concrete pavers give homeowners the beauty of natural stone at modest prices. And two studies by Clemson University and the University of Florida found that landscaping contributes to higher resale values in single-family homes.

There are a number of practical reasons why raised patios have become a favorite gathering place in so many homes for family and friends. Patios using manufactured concrete products can be easily installed, are known for their durability and are maintenance-free. Also, raised patios with segmental retaining walls create new space in sloped backyards and can extend an existing raised deck.

Raised patios create entertainment spaces as well, giving homeowners a spot to incorporate an in-ground hot tub or pool, a barbecue or fire pit and ground-level lighting.

But there are some ground rules to follow when considering building a raised patio in your backyard. Look for the following features in your materials:

* No cracks. Unlike asphalt or poured-in-place concrete, each interlocking paver and segmental retaining wall unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking.

* Easy to repair. You can remove and replace the same units with no ugly patches after repairs to the base. Asphalt, concrete and stamped concrete can't make this claim.

* Many shapes, colors and textures. For a comprehensive selection, homeowners should consider hiring a certified paver and segmental retaining wall installer.

For information about segmental retaining walls, visit the National Concrete Masonry Association's Web site at www.ncma.org. To learn more about concrete pavers, visit the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute site at www.icpi.org.

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