Tips For Decorating Small Apartments
By: Lee Dobbins  

You want your apartment to be a space for calling home so the way you implement your design style is essential. But how can you make a small apartment look big on style? Luckily, there are quite a few design methods you can use to make decorating a small apartment easy!

Another trick for decorating a small apartment is to take into consideration where the furniture and accessories are going to be arranged in the room. You ought to use the aspects of Feng Shui when setting up the accessories and furniture in your apartment. Furniture ought to be positioned away from the doorways to allow straightforward access to the rooms plus make it look bigger. Also, if you can focus the eye on the larger pieces like an overstuffed chair or console, it might help the room look bigger.

One thing to plan out when trying to make your small apartment seem less small is the color palette. You don't need to purely use light toned paint color when making up for smallness in a room. If you want to decorate with bright or deep colors in your apartment you can get color without making the room look even smaller if you choose a monochromatic palette, or one where the colors are all the same brightness. You might even try a mauve color palette, or if you fancy more color go with purple, green and blue that all have an equal intensity and tone. To add depth to the room, work on painting the wall opposite the entrance a deep, intense hue - this makes it look further away plus adds an unusual touch. For wall shades, pale hues like blueish gray will provide an overall larger appearance as they give the feel of the walls receding. If you desire something a lot of interesting, cool colors including purple, green and blue will provide the same illusion.

Try to keep your furniture and accessories in the small size range. One means to make good use of space is to have floor to ceiling shelves, in lieu of no shelving which will make it seem more spacious while allowing for extra storage. All small scaled furniture and accessories could be monotonous and you may want to add interest by using some bigger pieces, so it might be a good idea to use the small settee but also use a large potted plant, they will offset each other and add an interesting dimension to the room.

Using a particular design approach, you can make use of items that will maximize the space in your apartment. A nice minimalist or Zen like home interior might work well as it will be less cluttered therefore, making the room appear more spacious. No matter what you go with, don't forget to be positive you enjoy it, this is where you come to wind down.

These tips should help you be sucessful while decorating a small apartment. Purely because your apartment is less spacious doesn't mean it can't possess the same top notch interior design style you see in bigger homes - it only requires some imagination.

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The main, and likely most evident, thing you will want to do is decide on a decorating theme that is not only pleasing to you, but makes the most of your minimal space too. You might also want to take care to design in a lot of storage space so you can easily put stuff away as clutter will make even a sizeable apartment seem small.