The task of selecting the right color to paint a room can be a daunting task. There are a few people who have the insight to be able to choose the right color on the first try. They seem to be able to know what would look best and where.

There may be more than one color that fits in your space. Remember too, that if in the beginning you paint a color and decide later it just was not the best choice, it can easily be changed. This is one of the greatest qualities when selecting to paint as opposed to wallpapering a space. Another benefit of painting is it can be less costly if you decide later on, that you want to change the design and colors in your room.

It is recommended that you purchase the small samples of paint in colors you want to try. Apply a patch of each color on the desired walls and live with them for a few days. Pay close attention to how the different light throughout each day, affects how the color looks in your room. Lighting plays a major part on how a color looks and will help you determine if you like a certain color or not. If you are not up to painting the color on the walls, another way to go is to paint the color on sample boards. Display the boards in different places throughout the room. Make sure you look at the boards at different times including the evening when it is dark. You will see that as the light changes so will the appearance of the paint.

The best way to test the paint is with the furniture and accessories that you will be using in your room. Other colors that are in your room will also have an affect on how the paint appears. Do not be afraid of color. It really adds life to a room. Now get your paint samples together and try it!

My name is Amy Ressa. I am the owner of The Painted House and More. My business is located in Central Ohio. I have over 16 years of painting experience which began painting in my own home. I originally started painting with stencils and then progressed in to freehand decorative painting. My style of painting is the One Stroke Technique, developed by Donna Dewberry. It is an easy way to make painting visually interesting. I have experience painting not only on walls, but glass, ceramics, fabric, metal, candles, and canvas. This technique is great for small and large jobs alike. It isn't limited to just one area. I love to use the acrylic enamel made by Plaid. It is a great product that is very durable. You can bake your glass projects to set the paint, or just let it cure in the open air. After 21 days your paint will be set. I am always looking for people who I can share my talent with. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to call me at: 614-530-0219 or email me at:
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Do not be fooled by the experts who specialize in painting. They often struggle in the area of selecting paint colors too. This is not a fact they willingly share with others. Many times you will only be exposed to their finished project and not be allowed to view how they achieved the finished room. Therefore, not allowing you to see what the level of difficulty completing the room actually was.
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